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New Hybrid token Going to the Moon.

$ABEX Hybrid token

Your investment generates BITCOIN (BTCB) automatically in your BEP-20 wallet.


Quickly, Seamlessly, and Cost-Effectively with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem.


Buying and sell transactions you receive

BITCOIN (BTCB) rewards from percentage of revenue sharing without having to do anything and sent to hodlers BEP-20 wallet.  DYOR

Don’t have a MetaMask digital wallet?  No Problem.  (click here)

Why Choose $ABEX Hybrid token

$ABEX is an AI being developed to help create alternative in passive income. It’s truly innovative that will generate many sources of wealth for investors and simultaneously holders will earn BITCOIN (BTCB) as a reward.

$ABEX is residing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, prioritizing security and decentralization. It’s an opportunity to join a project that is still in development and could yield many rewards, as the AI market is still very sensitive to new technologies. Knowing that each transaction is safeguarded by smart contracts, ensuring a secure and unalterable ledger.

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Earn Bitcoin Rewards

20.79% of $ABEX Locked

Community-Driven Token

Binance Smart Chain

Low Gas Fees




When users purchase ABEX tokens, a percentage of each transaction’s tax goes to support the project and redistribute to hodlers.      Here’s how it breaks down:

1% of buy + 1% of sell tax goes to developers in $BNB.

2% of buy + 2% of sell tax goes to $ABEX Hodlers in $BTCB.

These taxes fuel our project’s growth and enhance our vision.


Max Supply: 100 Billion Tokens

Initial Allocation: 1 billion ABEX Tokens per wallet (1% Max Supply)

Till 31st December 2024, 20.79 Billion ABEX tokens will be locked.

Pancake Swap LP Locked: 1.13.

Contract Address:


BTCB Rewards Address:



2024 – First Quarter
✅  Update Site
✅   Update Token Info on BSCScan, and GeckoTerminal
☑️  List token on Coin Market Cap
☑️  List token on Coin Gecko 

2024 – Second Quarter
☑️  Increase Rewards Revenue Sharing Percentage (%)
☑️  Listing on SWFT Blockchain, Secure App on iOS & Android 
☑️  Make promotion YouTube Videos 
☑️  AI Development project

2024 – Third Quarter
☑️  New Listing on DEXS
☑️  Market / Advertise on Social Media
☑️  Increase Holders 
☑️  AI Development Alpha 

2024 – Fourth Quarter 
☑️  Market / Advertise on Social Media
☑️  Increase Holders
☑️  AI Development Beta

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